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  Baby Leah has been in and out of the hospital for well over a month now and she is barely 4 months old. The doctors themselves cannot seem to diagnose the condition she has. She has had a couple of emergency surgeries and has endured more in her short time on this planet than most of us adults. To date she has undergone a cataract eye surgery, 6 spinal taps and numerous other procedures. All we know is that its a very rare illness that up till now, the doctors are unable to diagnose.

  Her parents, Zev and Frani are huge Star Wars fans and members of the 501st Legion in the US. As a member myself, I love them like family and it really pains me to see them having to go through something like this. The medical bills have piled up and practically wiped their savings clean. The hospital bills are still getting paid, thanks to some good Samaritans out there, and the Star Wars community, who`ve been chipping in to help see them through these hard times. These wonderful, generous folk also include several celebrities from the Star Wars franchise. The story of Leah is spreading all over the world through the power of the Internet and help from several news networks across a few countries. She has affectionately come to be known as `Princess Leah`. For now, Leah really needs our help in 2 areas - donations, and finding a doctor who can help her. I added a link below to the donation page Skygunbro set up for Leah and her family. If you can, please try to help them out so they can continue to keep up payments for Baby Leah`s medical treatments. The other area she needs help in is to have her story spread around as far as possible in the hope that somewhere a doctor that has had experience in treating such a condition as her`s can be found. Frani talks in more detail on Leah`s condition in the Priness Leah Diaries blog so I won`t go into the details here for fear of confusion.

  Below are links to Leah`s official Facebook page, donation page, several news links that have run her story in the hopes of finding help for her, and a link to Frani`s blog which keeps an update on Leah`s condition. Please help in any way you can, be it a donation or spreading the word. You can use this page to point links to if you need, or even copy the HTML to post on your site/page. If you feel you can help in any other way not mentioned, please do contact me at

God bless.

Keith E Moss
Executive Officer
501st Legion, Singapore Garrison
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Facebook Page
Pricess Leah Diaries
Donation Page
Princess Leah`s Official Facebook page with updates in her progress and kind, encouraging words.
Blog updates maintained by Frani.
This is the donation page set up by skygunbro to help get donations for Leah`s medical bills.
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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel there is some other way you could help. Every little bit counts! Even the simplest prayer!

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