Review: Star Wars Empire #36-40

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Review: Star Wars Empire #36-40

Post by feitonglong » Thu Mar 23, 2006 6:43 pm

I believe Dark Horse have been handed the no-touch pre-ANH order... now that we are going to see a 100 episodes TV series post-ROTS to pre-ANH era...

What we have in the series leading to a new DH series Rebellion is the introduction of one of Luke Skywalker's playmate (dont think dirty) from childhood, Janek Sunber aka Tank...

First, we see Sunber being posted to Kalist Base after his stint in Jabiimi. Concurrently, an Rebel spy Jorin Sol had been caught and information were being tortured out of him... A group of rebels led by Skywalker had infiltrated the base disguising as Imperial Officers and Stormtroopers... Sunber tried to adjust back to life at the base with much politics and back-stabbing going. He saw how the Imperials were treating the slaves from Jabiimi and felt somehow the Empire seemed wrong to him. Nevertheless his loyalty at this moment did not seemed to falter... The Rebel infiltrators had 2 missions on hand: to rescue the Rebel Spy and to steal fuel from the base... When one of the Rebels found that there were slaves in the base, he proposed to rescue them as well but met with much objection as their transport seemed unable to fulfill such mission. Skywalker gave the go-ahead... During the mission, Luke bumped into his childhood pal Sunber (Tank). Both were reminising their childhood adventures when the Imperial Base sounded off the alarm of Rebel spies in the base... Luke tried to convince Tank that he was on the wrong side of the war, but Tank remained adamant and was injured when the Rebels rescued Jorin Sol and the slaves...

The story will continue in a new series Star Wars: The Rebellion set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back...

PS: In a flipbook Rebellion #0, we are given hints that Jorin Sol may not be the person he was when the Rebels rescued him... possibly he may be spying for the Empire now...

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