Review: Star Wars Republic #81-83

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Review: Star Wars Republic #81-83

Post by feitonglong » Mon Mar 13, 2006 12:21 am

This set of storyline marks the end of the series Republic...

The events went concurrently with the movie RoTS with the story beginning with Master Jedi Quilan Vos and Lumira Unduli being instructed by Master Yoda to assist him in Kashyyyk as the Trandoshans with their Separatists allies raiding the planet and enslaving Wookies... Vos could not bring himself to trust the clones as he wondered whose orders would take precedence... An old Devaronian friend Vilmarh Grahrk turned up in Kashyyyk as well making a bundle himself in this Clone Wars smuggling...

Yoda turned up to lead the war against the Separatists (as depicted in the movie) and seemingly the Seps had been defeated and the Jedis awaited further orders after receiving news that General Grievious had been killed by Master Kenobi... just then ORDER 66 was executed... Unduli lost her life, Yoda fought for his and escaped in his pod while Vos struggled to fight against the remaining clones who hunted him...

Master Quilan Vos managed to survive focusing on the Force what he had been taught and what he taught... the Devaronian saved his life after he went one on one with clone commander Faie... Vilmarh switched their bodies and gave "Vos" the Jedi Funeral... at the end of the series, we see 2 other surviving Jedi Masters, with Vos and his wife and newborn kid vanishing into the shadows...

This expanded universe tale blend in quite well with the movie itself, detailing how more surviving Jedis go on with their lives giving up their order and hiding in the shadows with the rise of the Sith...

The next Star Wars series to come would be Rebellion which tells of more tales of Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance from Episode IV to Episode V... not too sure if there are more plans for the aftermath of Episode III to Episode IV, I sensed Lucas has something up his sleeves as Dark Horse Comics seemed to end their series quite abruptly after the Republic series...

Anyway, the comics Star Wars: Purge one shot which featured the newly armored Darth Vader cleaning up the remains of the Jedi Order... sold out globally... Didnt get my copy though I asked my comic shop to reserve... now waiting to get from Ebay... Cheers! :lol:

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Post by freefly » Mon Mar 27, 2006 12:01 am

nice review bro!

for me Purge is good only in the sense that it showcases Darth Vader's prowess. i found the storyline to be quite predictable. however, it's nice to see Vader being owned by a couple of Jedi, having his prosthesis sliced, hampering his moves. had Palpy not sent in the 501st well things might have gone awry (i think, for i can't really rmb the story now).

might i add that #81-83 is a must for Quilan fans, i believe. we see Vos finally finding peace with himself & the force in the midst of Kashyyyk's tranquility and Master Luminara's company, an achievement which nearly came crashing down in the wake of the Order 66' treachery, for it nearly pushed Vos to the dark side yet again when he sought for vengeance. fortunately our hero was able see past his error & the reader is treated to some flashbacks of Vos' past, recalling Yoda's & Tholme's teachings among many other things. Commander Faie makes many an interesting appearances, first in star corps armour then in scout armour. he's one mean trooper, perhaps more so than Cmdr Neyo (frm what little that we know of him). best of all Vos survives! (though i was fooled for a while by the author).
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