unusal error scene or things spot in in ESB

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Re: unusal error scene or things spot in in ESB

Post by feitonglong » Sat Aug 09, 2008 12:50 pm

donleow wrote:IF anyone of u can spot that in this episode.

white C3PO
that during in the command center during battle of hoth, there is a white C3PO...i never seen one as a figurine before...till i revisit the movie yesterday, the scene is where han solo came to command center to bid farewell to princess leia

there is a vintage figure i think

Han Solo in carbonite chamber

When Han is frozen in carbonite, he has jacket on, but when in ROTJ, when he is thawed and rescue by leia, he didnt have the jacket.

boba fett must have done something naughty ......

Dagobah system with luke
When luke is ready to leave dagobah, he climbs onto ladder of his x wing which the ladder is not part of the accessories of the fighter but after he is in, the ladder is gone.

the ladder is borrowed from yoda's cave

Duel with darth vader
After luke hand's get cut off, as he's going the tunnel, u can still see his hand..

it's the 80s sir, they dun have the technology yet ..... :D

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