Quick Look: Mattel's Avatar AMP Suit Collectable Vehicle

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Quick Look: Mattel's Avatar AMP Suit Collectable Vehicle

Post by Valentin » Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:55 pm

James Cameron's AVATARâ„¢ Amp Suit
Series #: R2315
UPC/EAN/ISBN: 027084899245
Manufacturer: Mattel
Availability: Online Stores /Toy Specialty Outlets
Release Date: December 2009
Price: USD$19.99(Shop@Mattel)/USD$24.99(Entertainment Earth)/SGD$49.90(Simply Toys)

• http://shop.mattel.com/product/index.js ... Id=3761255
• http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodi ... T3900#desc
• http://shop.simplytoys.com.sg/index.php ... c7gud5i1v3

All thumbnails are clickable, and will bring you to a higher res version at 800x600pixels.

The packaging pics...
Image Image
James Cameron's AVATAR
On a deadly but mineral-rich dsitant moon called Pandora, ex-Marine Jake Sully is torn between duty and honor when he finds himself caught between the heavily armed forces of Earth's most powerful star-faring consortium and an exotic, noble alien race whose very existence is threatened by the human invaders.

Official Name: M-6 Amplified Mobility Suit
Function: Ambulatory hydralic armored weapons platform for military and civilian operatios in hostile and toxic environments.
Field Names: AMP suit, "Iron Lady"
Size and weight: Thirteen feet in height, six feet wide
Feature: GPS, Cockpit commands are verbally activated, coded to operator's voiceprint pattern. Thermal imaging display screens.
Weaponry: Hip-mounted and detachable GAV-90 thirty millimeter cannon, optional flamethrower, slashing blade knife.
I assumed for such a complex-looking vehicle, at a scale for 3.75" figures, the box might be bigger. But no, it's actually smaller, and quite compact.

Let rip into it...
Image Image

The leaflet:
Image Image

The unassembled parts in the plastic tray.

After removing them...

The assembly is fast and easy. Most of the joints just click-on.
A 3.75" figure for scale and size.

Here's the 4 views of the AMP suit.
Image Image Image Image

A closer look at the cockpit...
Image Image

From the back...
Just check out those controls.

The weapons...
The 30mm cannon and ammo...
Image Image Image

The knife...
Image Image

For a toy, this vehicle is highly detailed, and the weathering effects are great. The articulation is top-notch too, with either tight joints or click-types.

I have yet to test out the included i-TAG for webcam. Probably will do that when I have the time...

In the meantime, to end off this short review, here's more pics...
Image Image Image

Thanks for reading. :twisted:
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