Bastila Shan outfit for sale

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Bastila Shan outfit for sale

Post by thejedisentinel » Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:00 pm

Hi all

I am selling my Bastila Shan outfit. The same is entirely handmade and crafted to fit a female between 1.60-1.70m in height, wearing a UK size 10.

The outfit is exactly as it appears in the KOTOR game and consists of the following:

1) Tan and brown bodysuit with long sleeves
2) Upper body tabard with neck, chest and shoulder detailing handpainted and aged
3) Lower body belt with thigh protector flaps attached, also with detailing handpainted and aged
4) Wrist guards with elastic straps

I will put up pictures of the costume parts over the weekend. The costume has been worn only twice and you may have seen me in it at STGCC 2012. For those who would like to join the Rebel Legion, the costume more than meets the RL's standards for this outfit.

Asking price for the full set, as detailed above, is $1000 but I am willing to consider good offers. Bear in mind the entire set (save for the bodysuit!) is 100% German leather, and has been put together by hand. The details to match what appears in the KOTOR game were similarly put on by hand, and everything was 'aged' to give the costume that good old 'battle-worn' look. $1000 is a good deal, all things considered.

PM me if interested.

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