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Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 8:10 pm
by Jedi_slayer
GetzJedi wrote:Makes a BIG difference when you sell things in costume... Right, Soo Cheow? :wink:
My sales were about 35% better than the first round. I think the bigger crowd, more stalls participation and the costumers definitely helped. I had a few repeat customers too. I guess wearing SW costume and selling SW stuffs was refreshing for the crowd and that helped my sales too.

GetzJedi, you were cute with that SDU headgear and costume popping in and out of your stall. Like what you suggested, there could be a third SW Bazaar with the sellers wearing costumes.

Besides, converting my stuff into $$$, I really enjoyed meeting the SW.SG moderators, members, costumers, the like-minded SW fans, having unusual weekend family outing and 'fooling' around in costume.