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Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 3:18 pm
by Jedi Healer
DAVID GUIVANT wrote: Sue from Temasek Poly is it?
How are you? 8)

Well DanChia has a copy of the AOSW DVD already that I managed to do thanks to all the fans in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

ERASE just e-mailed me, he is meeting Daniel by the way so he might get one copy as well of the photos from France and USA and the DVD.

You could probably send ERASE a blank DVD and maybe he could burn one for you. Good to hear from you again Sue.
Yep one and the same me. :D I'm fine. Heh..

Hmm okay I'll try to get a copy from someone. Thanks.
DAVID GUIVANT wrote: Any news from your other colleague?
Er, you mean Yazid? He's fine too. I think. =/