lego ideas entry : request for support

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lego ideas entry : request for support

Post by icemann » Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:52 pm

hey guys :D

i haven been active for a while here, hehe....cos of work.. kid...and all...

well, recently, thanks to a crazy toys r us sale...I got back into my Lego craze and designed a Probe Droid which I submitted to LEGO IDEAS poll. The poll is an online platform where LEGO crowdsources for hobbyists' original creations. If a project reaches 10 000 votes, LEGO will study the project to see if it is realistic for commercialisation. It's really quite brutal as projects need 10k votes before it is picked up for study.

So it's kind of like ......taking on the empire with just a DL-44 blaster. the target is quite unimaginable unless you really go all out to get support.

Lego and Star Wars ruled my life as a child and so I had to give it a shot by building my fav droid. So this is a, yes I would say a very PAI SEI request, for fans to check out the photos of the build, via the link. If you like what you see, and if you think this is a neat item that warrants LEGO's consideration to become a real LEGO Star Wars product, please suppork!!

i know.. very buay paisei..but please do vote if you honestly think the design is solid enough =). it's close to impossible getting the 10k, but I have to try, and every vote counts.

Do check out the other submissions, its quite crazy what you can find in there. Note: the projects are not competing against each other. Every project is simply running on its own dateline to get the 10k target votes.

Finally, if you do wanna vote, LEGO does require everyone to create a LEGO account. This is a pain I know.. Hence, I am sincerely very grateful and super appreciative of everyone who goes in, creates an account and vote.

thank you for reading! =)

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