Hello FanBoys, Star Wars Fans of all ages!

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Hello FanBoys, Star Wars Fans of all ages!

Post by Orion » Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:05 pm


I Love Star Wars since I was young. But now it seems that the collections are endless and it doesn't stop me from collecting.
I take one step at a time to collect & only have a humble Star Wars collection. My wish now is to join the 501st Legion but
have yet to get my suit. Maybe one day. Must believe in the FORCE.. hehe!

The journey had been great. I learn what's best and what's not. And what i like most about Star wars is,
if you doing design, like me, you can focus alot of areas just by watching Star Wars. :)

May the Force be with You!!

The Designer's perspective point of view

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