wts starwars

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wts starwars

Post by aryani » Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:06 pm

I hv MR lightsabers to sell..n few sideshow too.. jaba throne set also...those interested can pm me or email me ghaibgerl@hotmail.com or airularyani@hotmail.co.uk or msg me at 86966009.. price negotiable as wants to sell them off fast... thks

Light saber master replica :--
1- Darth vader $350-sold
2- Obi wan kenobi $300 (no.box)
3- Luke skywalker $350-sold
price negotiable

Sideshow:- $70 each, sandtropper $150, jabba throne set $500
a) Order of Jedi
1-Obi wan Kenobi
2-Qui Gon Jin
3- Luke skywalker

4- Plo Koon

b) Lord Sith
1-Darth Maul
2-Asajj Ventress

C)Scum & Villainy
1-Bib Fortuna
2-Salacious Creature 

d) Heroes & Rebellion
1- Han solo
2- Princess Leia as Boushh
e) Sith apprentice
1- Darth vader

F) Sand tropper

1- jabba the Hutt
2- jabba throne(no outer box)
3- clone tropper helmet 


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Re: wts starwars

Post by drdavidong » Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:45 pm

any masterreplicaS STILL AVAILABLE"

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