Youtube video: Bring balance to the Force

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Youtube video: Bring balance to the Force

Post by masteryoyo » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:04 am

"On 7 May 2011, bring balance to the Force. You have the power to save the republic. Vote bravely for the GE2011. May the Force be with you."

Not sure how many of us have watched this series of sw-inspired videos on youtube in early May 2011. A showcase of the true creativity of our local talents, i believe. George Lucas shoud watch these videos and be very proud to have sited Lucasfilm Animation studio in Singapore.

im sure the visuals, music and message would bring a tear or two to all true-blue singaporeans and sw fans.

PS: To watch the videos, search on youtube these keywords: darth vader supporter by sghumour.
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